Douala Connect 2018 – #Verified

Digital transformation is the new go-to word of our time. We are blessed to be in a Leap-Frog Generation where taking 10 steps ahead is the best way to make a difference and stand out.

Douala Connect, first edition, saw on her stage prolific men and women of the digital sphere with premium potential who gave their best to share with us some high profile tips from their various field of work.

We did not just participate in the event but also counted ourselves blessed to be part of a history making moment in Cameroon. The success of the event could be seen in the faces of every participant; speakers did their best to bring new ideas and valuable statistics to make us understand the power and future of digital media in Cameroon and Africa

A big thank you to Brand Voice and her team, for working tirelessly and successfully deliver such a ground breaking event. It is by far the beginning of greater things to come. Our recommendation is to see such an event at least more than twice a year, the prospects are higher than we can imagine.

#DoulaConnect2018 was a success #Verified


Make money in Cameroon and become a boss in two months…it’s that simple.

An average person spends about 40 percent of his or her day on a portable device. From watching short videos, chatting, surfing the web and more. You can spend the same amount of time daily and make Millions. We are already in a digital age, if you still can’t feel it then i suggest you stop reading, call your doctor for proper check up.

We have two words for you tho; ZONGO DIGITAL, and NO! it’s not a new hit song from Maahlox. You came here to make money and become a boss, we can confidently say you made the right choice. On the 28th of October 2017, Zongo digital and a host of other digital marketing minds will hand you the essentials, secrets, <<Dos and Don’ts>> to guide you in your two months journey of becoming a money magnet. I know what you are thinking, ” i have to pay 10k or 20k, drink a bottle of juice worth 300Fcfa, listen to some nerd-heads talk…”  No! that is not part of the agenda. Make yourself available in Buea on the 28th of October at the Catholic University institute campus, from 10AM to 1PM. The rest is history…

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-18 at 09.12.28

Thanks for reading, if you are rich enough already you can share to other “struggling” friends and family. Be a good citizen, God bless.

The Untold Truth about Mystiq Snack Bar

Douala is generally known for her top of the line & exotic chilling spots, beside being the economic parent of Cameroon. So far, we have seen and heard of classic spots, VIP treatment, first class security systems and all the blah blah blah slay Queens and Kings present to their ever-ready-to-like fans. What we discovered recently can’t only be represented in pictures, we highly suggest you create time this weekend and visit Mystiq Snack Bar situated at 2eme Ave, Bepanda Douala.

If we were to summarize the top chilling spots in the city of Douala in one single word, it would sound like this; M Y S T I Q. it is by far the coolest of its kind, more than a model to illustrate: Class, Security, excellent customer service and a swagger beyond any other close competition.


Start by sharing this link to your squad on whatsapp & Facebook, deliberate on it, make a plan and come visit Mystiq Snack Bar in Bapenda-Douala this weekend. Don’t just be alive, live life.

contact : for more info



Beta Night 2017 || why you should attend

There are more than 1million ways to hangout, enjoy the night and take out the stress from weekday’s work. It is not just hanging out right?, i mean there are other things to consider like: the venue, services, people around you, security & standard.

let’s chill with the endless characteristics, Beta Night is on top of the charts in terms of night life, VIP & entertainment. An event with its own unique template designed to deliver a state of the art night life experience. You maybe wondering where are we going with all these “marketing-like” article? our answer is; because, on the 1st of September 2017 Beta Night will kick-off at Meridian Gardens down beach Limbe-Cameroon  in one of the most beautiful cities in the Central African Region. A night of stars, filled with the African communal spirit amongst fans, artist(e), influencers, fashion designers, CEOs of high caliber.

Artboard 1 -2

If the picture doesn’t tell the whole story, wait for what comes next, as we reveal the big names and activities to feature at the Night of Nights #BetaNight

September 1st is the date, Meridian Gardens down beach is the Venue, Limbe- Cameroon is the Location. Come meet your stars and other Beta people in the Game for a history making night.


BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE on another level; shaping the future generation

Career oreintation in the life of every child is the key tool to a successful future. Reason why Beneficial life Career Orientation conference in line with their Children Educational Plan (CEP) goes an extra mile to orientate youths from 15 -18 years on various career options. 

Let’s view things from another angle; you insure our kids and they benefit from this amazing venture then what ? It’s not all about going to school and achieving great results, having someone by you to guide and direct you based on what you love or intend to do is fantastic.

Tho the programme targets only kids in Douala, other regions will come into the session with time. We at Wipromot find this move to be one of the boldest steps and also a strong corporate social responsibility measure from Beneficial Life Insurance. 

Fashion : The all new “Vibrant” Collection from OZI (A must have)

A brand known for its unbeatable quality and uniqueness OZI International, the cradle of an outstanding mix between African print and urban culture, proudly presents their latest mini collection “Vibrant”


The “Vibrant” Collection by Ozi  

“Every piece was created with a vision to have our clients clearly stand out in today’s world where originality is fast becoming a thing of the past.” says Anyi Asonganyi CEO and Creative Director of Ozi International. The masterpiece design on its own speaks; colorful, airy and can be worn with just anything from jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, bikinis…make your pick.


When class meets casual

The whole idea is to create that wow factor, add spark to your closet, make you feel good, comfortable, especially in the hot regions of the country and the fact that it’s summer time in other parts of the world. Appreciate beauty and class when you see one. Give yourself a treat.



Feel free to “wow” if not, you just did because these products are far from the usual. Your closet can’t speak so let me help transmit its information to you #PleaseGrabMeOneOfThese. They are available at OZI store only,
Douala-Deido, Nouvelle Route Grand Moulin.

To order:
Call/ WhatsApp: +237679193630/ +237654074357

Photos: Nji Asonganyi Pictures
Models: Tancho Zinky, Mercy Joyce, Richmond Tancho, Anyi Asonganyi.
Makeup: OZI International


If it’s different, it’s OZI International